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GTemCell group

Represents an international joint-venture between electro-mechanical companies from Italy-Brazil-Bulgaria formed by a team of experts in radio frequency. Our focus is:
Electromagnetic compatibility – EMC – EMI

GTEMCELL Ltda manufactures and designs custom test equipments  for Electromagnetic Compatibility for applications in Civil, Industrial and Military fields.

Environments with electromagnetic shielding:

  • Shielded rooms, semi-anechoic Rooms, Anechoic chambers, curtains shielding.
  • Reverberation chambers, customized reverberant curtains .
  • Shielding screens for medical and hospital applications
  • GTEM cells Models: 250-400-500-750-1000-1250-1500-1750-2000
  • TEM and OPEN TEM cells
  • Antennas for EMC measurements: Logarithmic, biconical, Biconic-Log, Ridge Horn, Helmholtz coils.
  • Strip-line, Clamp injection.
  • LISN, CDN, Filters suppressors .
  • Shielding materials and accessories.


GTEMCELL performs:

  • Laboratory tests for the CE marking in accordance with the European EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.
  • Testing of Low Voltage Electrical Safety and according to the European directive 2006/95/EC LVD.
  • Tests on-site to customers.
  • Electrical safety checks on Civil and industrial equipment, generation of technical and service manuals.
  • Leak test (IP protection of the case from dust and water entrance) in accordance with EN 60529.
  • Measurements of EM radiation: electromagnetic pollution environment. Predictions of the EM field.
  • Lightning protection.
  • Special equipment for measurement laboratories.

Training EMC Consulting with EMC TECNOLOGIA Ltda

GTEMCELL Ltda con EMCTEST Ltda manufactures and designs a wide range of antennas for telecom. The production is characterized by stainless steel constructions, laser Cutting and CAD technology.

  • FM antennas, TV, Wi-Fi, GSM
  • Wide-band panel antennas, sector antennas
  • Paraboles 0,8-1,2-1,3-1,5 mt.
  • Omnidirectional and directional antenna systems
  • Couplers and power dividers
  • Low-pass, Band-pass, high-pass filters
  • Coaxial connectors.

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