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Helmholtz coils Low frequency Magnetic Field Susceptibility testing

Helmholtz coils

Helmholtz coils is a  candidate test apparatus for low frequency magnetic field susceptibility testing on military equipment and subsystems.  Use of this coils reduce electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) qualification  tests time, and subject the equipment under test (EUT) to a relatively uniform field. Download Helmholtz Coils

Specimen support Adjustable with optic fibre feed-through.
Input Push and hold button
Insulate material Marine multi-layer wood
Ring diameter 100cm. Mod. HLM10; 80cm. Mod.HLM08.
Typical resistance 3,1 Ohm Mod.HLM10;  2,3 Ohm Mod. HLM08
Max. Input Current 10-15 Amp.
Max. Pulse Current 200mSec. 100 Amp.
Max. Field 2000 Amp/m and 20000 Amp/m for pulse
Frequency DC to 30MHz
Dimensions 130x100x66cm (HLM-10) ; 110x80x66cm (HLM-08) ;