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EMC-STPL Stripline 50Ohm 10KHz-1GHz


Striplines are a variation of TEM lines which allows an application of electromagnetic fields with a good homogeneity in the test volume.  The EMC-STPL striplines are designed for immunity tests on automotive devices according to the standards ISO 11452-5.

The stripline is fixed on a table and it is easy to move. The table wings can be turned vertically in order to reduce the width. It is also possible to easily divide the stripline into two folded tables for the storage or during the transport. It is the only stripline on the market able to carry out test up to 1 GHz with excellent return loss. Mechanically manufactured in hot galvanized Iron and aluminum with Alodine treatment.

Technical Specifications

Frequency range 10 KHz to 1000 MHz
Maximum input power 1 kW up to 200MHz, 400W up to 1Ghz.
Wave impedance 377 Ω
Impedance 50 Ω +/- < 5 Ω
Typical VSWR better than 1.25
Return loss better than 20 dB
Connector type N female 50 Ω
Typical CW Input power for 10 V/m: 0.1 W (20 dBm)
Net power for 10 V/m as calculated according ISO 11452-5: 0.045 W (16.5 dBm)
Field homogeneity about 2 x 0.37 x 0.05 m (L x W x H)
Height of the septum 15 cm over ground plane
Height of the table 75+15=90 cm
Size (L x W x H) 430 x 150 x 90 cm (service position)

N.2 units:   215 x 78 x 115 cm (storage)

Weight about 140 kg



Download Strip-line 50 Ohm datasheet

Download Strip-line 90 Ohm datasheet