Reverberant chambers

Shielded chambers

Gtem Cells

Semi-anechoic Chambers

EMC Antennas

Wi-Fi Antennas


Model Power Frequency range
AL01-1-1000 1W 1 MHz-1GHz
AL01-30-1200 1W 30MHz-1,2GHz
AL04-20-1000 4W 20MHz-1GHz
AL30-01-200 30W 0,1 MHz-200 MHz
AL3020-01-1100 30W-20W 0,1-1100 GHz
AL100-20-500 100W 20 MHz-500 MHz
AL50-20-512 50W 20 MHz-512 MHz
AL20-20-1000 20W 20-1000 MHz(15-1100Mc)
AL32-500-1000 32W 500-1000 MHz
AL5-700-2200 5W 0,7-2,2 GHz
AL5-700-2200 5W 1GHz-2GHz (0,7-2,2GHz)
AL3-2000-8000 3W 2 GHz  to  8 GHz
AL3-2000-18000 3W 2-18 Ghz
AL3-5900-18000 3W 5,9 GHz  to  18 GHz



  • Over voltage protection,
  • shuts off above 29V
  • Over temperature protection,
  • shut off above +100°C
  • Excellent IP3 Class A amplifier
  • VSWR Short and Open circuit protection





  • Transmission equipments
  • Laboratory  use
  • Amateur radio,
  • FM, TV
  • Defense



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