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Capacitive Coupling Clamp Mod.CCC-100

Capacitive coupling clamp: CCC-100, suitable for test according the standards IEC / EN 61000-4-4.
The HV cable HV-BNC-1.5 (1,5m) allowed the connection to burst & surge generators.

Technical Specification

Typical capacity between cable and clamp 100 pF – 1000 pF
Usable diameter for round cable 4 mm – 40 mm
Resistance of isolation Better than 5 kV (pulse: 1,2/50 μs)
In/Out Connectors BNC HV
Distance between coupling plate and ground plate 5 or 10 cm according the requirements.
Material Inox Steel
Dimensions: 120 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm (l*w*h)
Weight: 10,5 kg