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shielded tent 3x3x3mt.
Shielding Tent 3x3x2,5m. Draft
GTEMCELL Shielded tent

EMC Shielding Shelter tent

Theory of operation, Introduction

GTEMCELL offer A Farady’s principle based chamber for electromagnetic shielding.

A tent made of special  coupled metalized  Cu-Ni tissue offer  easy way to make a screened ambient whenever needs a shielding solutions with a light weight for transportation and fast installation GTEMCELL is there.

The tent  structure is made in aluminium frame tube or in steel rods  customized in dimensions and openings.

The open side (door)

It is made with a Velcro electrically conductive and with a ZIP metal with conductive fabric as support  to ensure the conductivity of the two side of the part of the tent. An adequate size of overlapping of the conductive fabric ensures the good shielding .

The fabric is covered with a coating flame retardant  also able  to ensure a good abrasion  resistance to the conductive surface. The flexibility is tested according AFNOR G52-020 .

Window: A ready-to-use metal mesh fabric panel  offer a view from outside and inside or viceversa; size Aprx. 300 mm x 300 mm

Inside on the fabric surface

The electroless process offer a strong adhesion of the nickel 100% to the surface of polyester yarn all around .On the macro photo the deposition is uniform

  • •EMP protection line out input 420Vca/60KA

Quality test and shielding performance.

  • •Vibration test MIL STD 202-204 Shock Mil Std 202 205B –
  • • Salt spray Mil 202 101 B
  • •test in accordance MIL STD 285, IEEE standards, in the frequencies range starting from 30 MHz to 3 GHz

The average shielding performances is around 48 dB attenuation with  peaks of 65 dB  around 200 MHz and 400 MHz. Most of the results depends from the open side dimensions and the window if installed  .


Size: Europallet 120x80x80cm, + 300x15x15cm,   Weight: 100Kg. Approx.


Shielding Tent

Download Metalized Fabric data sheet